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Eagle Rock ATV / UTV Association Officers

President, Marvin Guzman
Secretary, Joe Mortensen
Treasurer, Jim King


The Eagle Rock ATV / UTV Association meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month from April through October. Meeting place is Papa Tom's Pizza located at 17th Street and Woodruff. Meeting Time is 7:00 PM. Come share your ideas and experiences. We are always looking for new rides and activities etc.

Please call Marvin Guzman at 208-524-7252, Jim King at 208-521-1145 or Joe Mortensen at 208-542-6131 for ride confirmation and information.


Ride Difficulty Definitions:

These rides are almost wholly on dirt roads. Some of the
beginner rides may include short moderately steep sections or switchbacks.

Intermediate: Intermediate rides generally include some road and ATV trail
portions with some steep, rough or challenging trails. A ride may also be
intermediate in nature due to its length.

Advanced: Advanced rides will generally include portions that are steep,
rough, and otherwise difficult to maneuver. In some cases, rides are listed
as advanced because of the length of the ride.


Eagle Rock ATV / UTV Association Scheduled Upcoming Rides and Events

* More Ride Information Such As Meeting Place and Time, *
* Ride Leader and Ride Difficulty Will Be Posted For *
* Upcoming Rides Prior to Each Ride. *

September 12 - ER ATV Ride - Fall Creek
- From Idaho Falls take Hi-Way 26 towards Swan Valley.
- Going into Swan Valley exit to the right on to Snake River Road.
- Don't cross the Snake River.
- Proceed on Snake River Rroad for about 2 miles.
- Turn right on Fall Creek Road.
- There is a parking area about 1 mile south. Meet here at 9:00 AM.
- This ride is rated Intermediate and is limited to ATV / UTVs 50 inches wide or less.
- The trails are in good shape this year. Most have been groomed with a trail cat.
- There are also some new trails we can check out.
- Joe Mortensen will lead this ride.

September 22 - Eagle Rock ATV / UTV Meeting at Papa Toms 7:00 PM

September 26 - ER ATV Ride - Jump Off Peak

October 10 - ER ATV Ride - Kepps Crossing
- In Idaho Falls go to Sunnyside Road.
- Go East on Sunnyside Road to Bone Road.
- Go North on Bone Road about 1 1/2 miles to Kepps Road.
- Go East on Kepps Road. There is parking just before Willow Creek.
- Meet here at 9:00 AM.
- This is our last scheduled ride of the season.
- Come out and see the Fall Colors.
- This ride is rated beginner. Joe Mortensen will be the ride leader.

October 27 - Eagle Rock ATV / UTV Meeting at Papa Toms 7:00 PM

Other rides may be added.

Please send Marvin Guzman any ATV / UTV ride suggestions. They can be for this season or for next season.  Next meeting will be the next fourth Tuesday of the month, bring a friend.  

If you missed the last meeting here are the minutes / notes for your reading pleasure.

Notes From Last Meeting

What's the deal with this new ATV / UTV Association?

The Eagle Rock ATV / UTV Association meets the fourth Tuesday of the month from April through October at Papa Tom's Pizza (in back room) on 17th Street and Woodruff in Idaho Falls at 7:00 PM.  Dues are $24.00 a year per family or person.

Why do we need an ATV / UTV Association?

We need to be an organized group so that we have a voice with the BLM, Forest Service and the State Department of Parks and Recreation when they decide which roads should be open or closed to ATVs / UTVs.  The Association also knows when summer travel opens for Public Lands and National Forests etc.

About Eagle Rock ATV / UTV Association

Eagle Rock ATV / UTV Association is located in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Idaho Falls is a thriving metropolis of about 50,000 people located in Eastern Idaho on the Snake River.

Eagle Rock was an early settlement established in the 1800s which later became known as Idaho Falls. Eagle Rock got its name from the Bald Eagles that nested on a small rocky island in the Snake River that runs through Idaho Falls. Bald Eagles are routinely seen in the Idaho Falls area.

Eagle Rock ATV promotes responsible riding such as staying on marked trails and respecting wildlife habitat etc. We also work with the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and Idaho Parks and Recreation Department on various projects and try to contribute to their local projects and plans.

Eagle Rock ATV has adopted several trails in the Kelley Canyon and Fall Creek areas which means we do trail maintenance in the Spring time when these areas can be accessed. There are always trees down after an Idaho winter and occasionally some washed out trails after the snows melt. With Forest Service supervision we have also built bridges across small streams, installed cattle guards in areas where livestock shares our resources and put up signs along established trails.

We have many excellent areas close to Idaho Falls that have really great trails to ride. No matter which direction you travel from Idaho Falls you can find great rides in relatively short distances.

Our riding season is kind of short, from about May to October due to winter snows and the higher elevations of some of trails.

You can see some of the places we've been by clicking on the picture to the right that will take you to our Photo Album.


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